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      A hassle free uniform and laundry servicePin

      We do much more than pest control, one of our most popular services is the rental and laundry of workwear uniforms.

      Our Service

      This service is at the heart of our business and is not something many other companies can offer due to the intensive logistical planning that is required.

      We have partnerships with over 40 laundries throughout the UK which means if you operate a multisite business, we can keep your clothing clean. Our service provides you with an account manager who will organise the supply of your uniforms, ensure stock levels are consistent and control your laundry schedule. To find out more about who we already provide this service for, browse our case studies.

      The rental of uniforms from JG is available with either our stock products or with a bespoke range of products. Put simply, we invest in the stock that you need and you rent at a low rate per item off us.

      This severely reduces your initial capital expenditure and is a cost effective way to plan for employee growth without cost headaches. Get in touch with us to find out how we can help your business or keep reading for more information about this service.

      How we work


      Meeting and

      Any great service offering must start with a face to face meeting in order to outline the parameters and needs of your business in terms of rental and laundry.


      Product Selection
      and Contracts

      Once we know how much you need it is then time to decide which products you need or will be best suited to your business.


      Regular Stock

      As the stock that you rent is owned by JG we will conduct regular stock checks to ensure that your allocation is intact. This can help with waste tractability.


      Hassle Free

      Managing laundries can be difficult and the importance of the service that they offer, as well as the lack of dependable choices, means getting it right is vital to your business.

      Shirt Pile

      Why choose us

      Low Investment Costs
      The main benefit of choosing to rent, rather than buy, your uniforms from JG is that we absorb the initial purchase costs. This keeps your initial capital investment very low and also makes it an affordable, scalable solution as your business grows and new uniforms are needed.

      As we own the stock and you rent, you are also able to avoid the depreciation costs of the uniform stocks. Contract lengths can vary based on the size of the order and rental charge per unit but generally we operate on a two year basis. After this, we are sure that you will be ready to choose to work with us again.

      Clean Shirt

      Clean and Fresh… All of the Time
      Keeping uniforms clean can be a nightmare when working in industries where dirt and stains are an expected part of daily business. Even single site businesses can find it a hassle so when you have multiple business operations, the logistics can be a nightmare.

      Fortunately, JG work to take the stresses and hard work out of keeping clothing clean by managing laundry companies and ensuring your stock is always in rotation. This enables your business and employees to focus on your customers and be able to wear clean, fresh uniforms all year round without the headaches.

      Clean Jeans
      Always Clean
      and Fresh
      Family Run
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      Across the UK
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